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Hello, welcome to the year 2 page!

The year 2 teachers are Miss Haughey and Ms Djurovich. There lots of other adults to help the children’s learning, including our fantastic LSAs Mrs Cartwright, Mrs Angria and Miss King. We hope you enjoy looking through our news and learning.

Home Learning

Thank you for all the home learning you are showing us. Below are just some of the many photographs we have received over the past few months.  Thank you for working so hard – you are stars! Stay well and safe.

Email the year 2 teaching team at with your questions, suggestions and photos.  If you would like your photo published on the website, please let us know.

Below are the latest weekly Year 2 home learning sheets plus links to other useful resources and websites.  You could also look at our Literacy page,  maths and Curriculum pages for other ideas and activities.  Don’t forget the Thrive activities you can find here.

Home Learning Sheets

Rohaan in 2D completed this fantastic fitness challenge, Here’s the link if you’d like to find out more

  Aadya would like to say thank you to everyone for helping him feel so welcome when he first arrived at our school in September. Click here.

Final home learning sheet week 14     13th July

Maths for week 14

Emoji Code Breaker Addition        Emoji Code Breaker Number       Emoji Code Breaker Secret Message        Emoji Code Breaker Subtraction         Emoji Code Breaker



Activities for week 14

PowerPoint Animal yoga pose



Scavenger Hunt Birds

positivity colouring


week 13    6th July

Maths – animal feed mixture bowl template







Week 12    29th June


Sports Day 


Reading, writing and SPaG

Year 1 and 2 common exception words 

Oxford Owl Here is a link to the Oxford Owl website where you can access stage books online.You can register on the site for free. Then go to Free E-Book Library.

PSHE/History – Time Capsule Booklet

Here is a fantastic idea we have been sent to capture the fact that we are living right now through history. It’s a lovely writing and art project. Click here to download the booklet.

Stay at home superheroes This is a child friendly video to explain why we are staying a home at this time to help smooth anxious minds.

Harold from SCARF is sharing his daily diary with you.  He is suggesting lots of activities to do each day to keep your mind and body healthy. 

We miss seeing your smiling faces and chatting to you everyday. We thought we’d make your smile (or laugh) with our short video. Who thinks we should enter Highwoods Got Talent?!?! Enjoy – click here! 🙂

Carnival of Animals Home Learning Summer term 2

Our final theme in Year 2 is about animals

  • the different habitats which animals live in, continent or ocean.
  • what they eat – food from plants and other animals.
  • which animal group they belong to and their features:  birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles and mammals, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.




Artwork inspired by ‘Tiger in a Storm’ by Henri Rousseau

A Bug's Life Home Learning Summer term 1

Great Fire of London Home Learning Spring term 2

Rohaan in 2D was filmed presenting his powerpoint about The Great Fire of London. Unfortunately, we can’t load the video so here are some still shots taken from his film. Rohaans presentation stills

Year 2 Creative writing

The greedy crocodile by Izabella B

The Enormous Crocodile's clever tricks

Year 2's creative writing based on Once in a Lifetime - a link on our week 2 home learning.

Descriptive writing and our nasty trick ideas based on The Twits by Roald Dahl weeks 4 to 6 home learning

Hello from Year 2. Our activities and achievements at home.

We enjoyed a lovely walk around our local area this week. We were looking for physical and human features around Highwoods Square and Highwoods Country Park.  We also learnt how to cross the road safely using STOP, LOOK and LISTEN. Thank you to the parent helpers who volunteered.

We made kites out of tissue paper, writing paper and sugar paper to see which one would fly the best on a windy day.

We wrapped up boxes to make Tudor Houses and put them in a row to show how close they were built together. We set alight one house and saw how quickly the fire spread especially when there was a gust of wind. We created a fire gap by removing one house which did stop the spread of the fire until the wind caused a large flame which set alight a house on the other side of the fire gap. The wind changed direction which helped stop the fire.

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