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We understand that home learning can be challenging for many children and families, particularly those with additional needs.

We have put together some resources that we think might help with managing learning at home.

Click here to access A Kids Guide To Coronavirus (1) 

Supporting Anxiety

Click here for the ‘What Anxiety does to my body’ resource

Talking about worries

Click here to make your own worry doll.

Coping Strategies

The Relaxation Spin Wheel

Emotional Regulation

Here are some resources to help support your child regulate their emotions:


Copy of emotion-wheel

When I am Angry I can…

How To Help Your Anger

Focus And Concentration

Having a clear timetable for the day helps children to know what is expected of them and prepares them for what is coming next.

Click here for a visual timetable to use at home.

Learning Breaks

Learning breaks are short mental breaks from focused tasks and are more successful if they include physical activity.

Learning breaks can help children to:

  • be calmer
  • remain focused
  • be less prone to daydreaming
  • be in a better mental place to face the next challenge..

Click here for brain break ideas.


Resilience is the ability to cope with ups and downs and bounce back from challenges we may experience.

Help your child climb the resilience ladder, taking each step as it comes in their learning.

Play the  Resilience game..

Celebrate your child’s amazing qualities with this Positive Affirmations Journal.

Parent Workshops
We are offering our parents the opportunity to take part in online workshops through Child First. Check PING for more information.
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