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At HCPS children are put into House groups from when they enter Foundation Stage.  Throughout the year, we have many house events where our houses come together from all ages.  We have 2 house captains from Year 6 for each house.  Our house teams are named after trees found at Highwoods Country Park:  Ash, Fir, Chestnut and Oak.

Inter-House Competition April 2018


Tensions were high when representatives from each house competed against each other in a Boggle competition.  Our next inter-house competition will be organised by the House Captions and will be a quiz, to be held after half term.

Autumn 2 House Event – Winter Art

On Wednesday 29th November 2017, our four houses got together in their bases to produce some amazing winter art work.  As usual, our older children supported the younger children.  Chestnut House were particularly lucky to have mums, dads and grandparents come along to join in.


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