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Hello, welcome to the year four page of our website!

At Highwoods we think Year 4 is really special. We cover lots of exciting themes and look forward to sharing some of our learning with you.

The teachers in Year four are Mrs Buckingham, Mrs McNicholl (Mon- Wed) and Mrs Robinson (Thurs, Fri).  There are lots of other adults to help us to learn too including class LSAs and HLTAs as well as all of the support staff at the school. We hope you enjoy looking through our news and learning.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you have.

Homework for this week: Week 2Spring 1 Week 2 reading, theme, maths

Autumn Term

This half term, through to February half term, we will be learning about the Magnificent Mayans in our theme work. We will find out who the Mayans were, and where they lived. We will also find out about their temples, jewellery, beliefs, entertainment and food. We will then be inviting you to come and see all our work, and try some Mayan food, at the end of the theme on Friday 9th February. In the meantime, check on here to see what we have been up to!


In literacy, we have started reading The Creakers by Tom Fletcher. In it all the grown-ups just disappear one morning. We are going to write a newspaper report about this, so we acted out the events and then wrote captions to go with the pictures, for our newspaper report.

Lucy Dungston Came Outside To Find Other Children Also Searching For Their Parents.


In science we are starting to look at the digestive system. First we have learnt about our teeth. We then made some using Play-doh! Ask me to point out my incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars!

P1040270 (1024×768)


We have started fractions in maths. We started to think about what a fraction is, and how it is a part of a whole. We made our own fraction walls to help demonstrate this.

P1040297 (1024×768)


We tried out some winter inspired art at the end of term. It took a while and a lot of the children wanted to complete them at home. So here is the image that inspired them.

Winter Trees


We heard a rumour that 4U had tried some chilli chocolate, because the Mayans used to mix cocoa beans, chilli and water to create their favourite drink. Not to be left out, we (obviously) had to try some too! There was a range of reactions from the class!

P1040254 (1024×768)


In science, we have been learning how to read and make our own classification keys. We had to make one to identify 6 different leaves: pine, holly, horse chestnut, ash, lime and oak.

P1040250 (1024×768)


Learning our times tables is really important, so we’ve been trying to find fun ways to practice them. One way is ‘times tables top trumps’. What ways can you think of?

P1040187 (1024×768)


To help us think about how speech is punctuated in our writing, we acted out scenes from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

P1040161 (1024×768)


We went outside to think about timelines. We had to put ourselves in the correct order using the events we have learnt throughout school so far. Mostly we were successful!

P1040195 (1024×768)


It’s a new term and new faces! Well – familiar. Mrs McNicholl and Mrs Robinson are excited to start! When we have a photo of Mrs Rickett, we will add that too.

P1040269 (1024×768)


In maths, we have been learning the bus stop method for division. We’ve been doing really well, and knowing our multiplication and division facts really helps with this. That’s why we know we must keep practicing our times tables!

23 11 2017 120536 (1024×765)


To help us learn how to punctuate speech, we acted out a scene from The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. It was a lot of fun.

DSCN0420 (1024×768)

Our theme for the first half term was the Blitz.

We found out what the Blitz was, and what it was like to be a child during the war. Check out our photos below to see some of the things we got up to!


Our Street Party!

The children really enjoyed showing their work! We hope you enjoyed the sandwiches and singing.

P1040102 (1024×768)


On the morning of our street party, we had to prepare all the sandwiches. They must have been good, as there were none left by the end!

P1040082 (1024×768)


This morning, nine of us went over to our plot in front of Tesco, to clear it up. We pulled up the weeds and pulled out the sunflowers (making sure to save the seeds for Mrs Rose!). Before we left, we planted Poppy seeds, sent to us by Will Quince. They should flower next year, so while we wait for those, we decided to get creative with some plants that should flower soon. Look out for our Highwoods H next time you visit Tesco!



Our potatoes are growing! Well, one has started. Maybe after half term more will have appeared. The broad beans and salad are doing well, now that they are in the lovely planter Mr Rob made us. Thanks Mr Rob!



Visit to Duxford

We visited Duxford and had the chance to see some of the air craft that were used during WWII, as well as a replica of an Anderson Shelter.



Anderson Shelters

In 4B we have begun to make our own Anderson shelters. Still lots of detail to add, but they are starting to look very realistic!

P1030960 (800×600)


Digging for Victory

The children have been helping out the war effort by planting potatoes, radish, lettuce, spring onion, beetroot, spinach and broad beans. You can see their efforts in front of the classroom – hopefully they will start to grow soon!



We’ve been working hard on our Anderson shelters. They have been impressing the other teachers and classes – especially the attention to detail! Check out our vegetable patches and washing lines!



We visited Duxford and had the chance to see some of the air craft that were used during WWII, as well as a replica of an Anderson Shelter.


Our Anderson shelters are finished! Its taken a lot of patience, soil, glue and lolly sticks – but they are finally ready to be shown at our Street Party on November 3rd!



RE- Hinduism

In RE we have been learning about living as a Hindu. We researched about Hindu Mandirs (temples) and set one up in our classroom. We then invited year 3, who have also been studying Hinduism, to come and see our temple so that we could explain to them the different features.


Spring Term

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