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From the basics in reception (EYFS) where children take an interest in the natural world, mixing colours and understanding their own bodies through to year 6, all children at Highwoods study Science according to the National Curriculum. We encourage a cross curriculum approach, using real-life and relevant scenarios to ensure children are well quipped to explore and interact with the world around them.

Many key transferable skills develop through the application of science: working methodically, questioning, planning, measuring, observing and evaluating.

In school children are encouraged to be curious about the world around them, ask questions and explore key principles of chemistry, physics and biology. All children attend forest school which allows them to explore the natural world and apply a hands on approach to their learning. Science supports other areas of the curriculum by expanding children’s’ vocabularies and applying mathematical skills and processes.

By the end of their time at Highwoods all children will be well equipped to think critically and solve problems, ensuring that a love of science continues with them into their Secondary education and the rest of their lives.

Telephone: 01206 845887
Tynedale Square, Highwoods, Colchester, Essex CO4 9SN

Headteacher:  Mr Paul Disley

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