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The Eco Council is made up of 24 children from years 1 through to 6 representing their class led by Mrs Rose. Our first task this academic year was to complete an environmental review of the whole school to see what objectives to work on throughout the year.

Our first focus is on energy and we are currently working with The Pod on Switch Off Fortnight to reduce the use of power. This involves switching off lights and checking whether electrical items are on stand by. The children have enjoyed finding out facts about electricity in the form of a treasure hunt up and down the corridor. Some have even completed electric audits at home in an aim to reduce energy costs.

Another area that we are working on is litter and the Eco Council launched the litter pick challenge finding a full size plastic corn on the cob and a brick size block of wood  within 15 minutes of searching.

Finally the children enjoyed planting saplings around the school to enhance our fantastic school grounds.

We continue to adapt and develop our curriculum with Eco priorities in mind so the children leave the school with a wide variety of environmental experiences and opportunities.

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