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Welcome to our  Thrive® page! We use Thrive at school to help develop our pupils’ social and emotional well-being, enabling them to engage with life and learning. It supports them in becoming more self- assured, capable and adaptable.     

    Thrive® also promotes positive mental health and emotional well being in children and young people by helping adults know what to do and how to be with their care.

If your child is struggling to understand about Covid 19 the links below may help: 


Thrive® have produced a range of weekly simple activities for children and families to try. Any activities that you complete could be photographed and  shared with us on our email:



Week One Thrive Activities

Week Two Thrive Activities

Week Three Thrive Activities

Week Four Thrive Activities

Week Four Thrive Activities 2   

Week Five Thrive Activities

Week Five Thrive Activities 2

Week Six Thrive Activities

Week Six Thrive Activities 2

Week seven Thrive Activities

Week seven Thrive Activities 2

Week Eight Thrive Activities

Week Eight Thrive Activities 2

Week Nine Thrive Activities

Week Nine Thrive Activities 2

Week Ten Thrive Activities

Week Ten Thrive Activities 2


Week Twelve Thrive Activities 1 

Week Twelve Thrive Activities 2

Click here to take a look at The Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild Challenge!

These are also useful links to help children:

Parents -some useful advice on how to cope when children ‘lose it!’


Keeping our children safe and happy during school closures.

Harold the Giraffe from SCARF is sharing his daily diary with you.  He is suggesting lots of activities to do each day to keep your mind and body healthy.

Coram Life Education are sharing resources and guidance about helping children manage the changes in their life without school at the moment.  As so many children are busy online too, they also provide advice about how to keep safe online. It can seem like an anxious and uncertain time, but we hope their advice and suggestions help and make life a little clearer and brighter!  :)

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