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The Eco Council is made up of 24 children from years 1 through to 6 representing their class led by Mrs Rose. Our first task each academic year is to complete an environmental review of the whole school to see what objectives to work on throughout the year.

This academic year each year group has their own  focus.

Year 1 is investigating growing plants in containers, pots and beds outside.

Year 2 is focusing on healthy living and hopefully encouraging all children to take part in daily exercise.

Year 3 is finding out what materials the school recycles and choosing one that isn’t currently recycled to focus on.

Year 4’s focus is on litter and the aim to keep our school litter free.

Year 5’s focus is on composting fruit and vegetable waste and hopefully setting up a wormery.

Finally year 6’s investigation is on monitoring energy waste in empty classrooms with the aim to save energy.

Later in the year  Switch Off Fortnight, a whole school incentive and this will help with energy saving too.

We continue to adapt and develop our curriculum with Eco priorities in mind so the children leave the school with a wide variety of environmental experiences and opportunities.

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